Find the Minority Report: the key to hearing God

Written by Eric

Continuing on with the theme from yesterday…

As I was meditating on this concept of the world of mirrors, it reminded me of the movie, Minority Report.

If you don’t remember, or never saw it, Tom Cruise played a character who was the head of a crime-fighting division called Precrime. They arrested people before a crime took place by using the prophetic giftings of three siblings. 

Everything was going along dandy. 

Arresting bad people… before committing a crime. 

Throwing them in prison to never see the light of day without so much as a legit trial.

Until… the Precrime visions of the siblings saw Tom Cruise’s character committing a crime. 

John Anderton, Cruise’s character, ran desperately through the streets looking for a place to hide from his own police division. Along the way, TV screens blared advertisements to the passers-by. But these weren’t random ads displayed. No, these TVs scanned the eyes of each person and personalized the ad based on their known history. 

Kind of like Facebook retargeting ads. But a whole lot more creepy. 

In the scene, you heard the different advertisers say, “Stressed out, John Anderton?” “John  Anderton, you could use a Guinness right about now.” And many others. 

This scene is what it’s like in our world, this house of mirrors. 

We are constantly bombarded with all these different images and visions of how our lives should be like. 

They are mirrors showing what their vision of our life is. 

Not what the truth is. 

To find the truth, you need to find the minority report. 

While on the run, John Anderton found the original creator of Precrime. When he asked her how to prove his innocence, the woman said one simple thing…

Find the minority report. 

That’s exactly what it’s like. Many times you and I are bombarded with this accusing vision of crimes and ways of living that aren’t in line with God’s vision for you. 

His is the “minority report.”

It’s not what is common in the world or popular. 

The minority report is what is true. 

When you subscribe to my email list, I help you look at the “minority report.” I help you see the truth. 

Because a huge part of walking with God and hearing God’s voice isn’t about following what is popular. Or following the vision of the world. 

It’s about beginning to see the reality of what is made available to you in Jesus. And it’s beginning to tune your spiritual eyes and ears to the frequency of God. 

And tuning out the constant barrage of “John Anderton, you need this.”

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