How to rehab a carb-stuffed and addicted Cookie Monster

Written by Eric

A few years ago, my brother gave one of my sons a nickname…

… Cookie Monster. 

Like most kids, my son is always asking me for a snack. Doesn’t matter what it is.  







Obviously I don’t always give it to him all the time. But the kid is persistent. 

My brother picked up on this persistence very quickly… thus the nickname. 

Cookie Monster. 

But there’s a little more to the story. Both of my sons used to be Cookie Monsters.

Here’s the story of how it happened… and what I’m doing to fix the “addiction.”

Every night… was the same…

They went from eating every meal great… to suddenly every single bite was like a heavyweight boxing match. 

Usually, I tried to slave over some kind of healthy food as I’d always done. And serve it to them at the table.

But many days, the boys simply stared at dinner as if I’d just shoveled up a large lump of coal on their plate.

And that’s when I figured out what was happening. 

Here’s what threw a wrench in the boys’ eating habits every night.

Snacks. Lots of snacks. 

My oldest son finished school at 3 pm. 

His after school program picked him up and took him to the after-school program. Most days, when he arrived around 3:30, they would let them play outside for a while. Then, after 30 minutes or so, they went inside for a snack. 

And when you’re a parent… 

…guaranteed… you know snacks can be like a stick of dynamite to your child’s hunger for a healthy meal.

During this time in our lives, my boys were notorious. They chowed down on snacks from school. And they avoided eating meals at home. 

The school served free breakfast to whoever wanted it. Then gave them snacks in mid-morning. Fed them a lunch of interesting and fun things like pizza and chocolate milk.

And then…

… they got more snacks at the after school program. 

By the time they got home with me… they had zero interest in eating. 

In fact, they were already so stuffed with cookies, they actually would skip dinner entirely…

… unless they found a good snack. 

And this is the real crux…

You won’t be hungry for dinner if you’re carb-stuffed and addicted to cookies.

See, growing in your relationship with Jesus takes one constant thing: hunger.

Hunger for God.

Hunger to know Him.

Hunger to hear His voice. 

Many ministers said for years, “You have to get hungry! You must get hungry for God.”

But most people don’t know what “Get hungry for God” actually means. Or how to even do it. 

Which is exactly why I publish a weekly newsletter, to help you “get hungry” for God, hear His voice, and begin walking in His plan for your life. 

It all begins here…

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