Use Humpty Dumpty’s secret to hear God’s voice

Written by Eric

The other day, I saw this quote that said something to the effect of…

Look directly into every mirror.

It made me think about a house of mirrors. 

When I was young, my parents took my siblings and I to an amusement park. Actually, I can’t even remember the name of it at the moment. It wasn’t a huge Six Flags place. 

It was a local treasure someplace in Iowa. 

They had this wooden roller coaster that was terrible. You could feel every bump and clickety-clack of the track. 

I like roller coasters. But that was a little unnerving. 


One thing I remember about this place was the house of mirrors. I don’t think I’d ever been inside one before. And maybe since. 

It seems to me they aren’t as “popular” as they used to be. Now people have new fangled amusements like TikTok, Instagram and AI. People don’t need to leave the house to do anything.

Of course, this was back in the day when we still talked with people face to face and didn’t have cell phones chained to our ears and eyeballs like a piercing. 

If you’ve never been inside a house of mirrors, they have many mirrors shaped differently. And each reflect a different image of you based on how it is shaped.

One mirror made you look like you were the next Larry Bird and belonged in the NBA. 

In another, you look so short, you couldn’t even reach your own waist.

Another reflects an image like you’re fat as a pregnant bowling ball.

Still another you’re so thin, you’d need to dance in the shower to get wet. 

This must have been Humpty Dumpty’s secret to slim. He didn't need to change his diet. Just change the mirror.

But a mirror like this is not the secret to seeing and hearing the truth. 

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that's why these don’t exist anymore. People are so hypersensitive. They might sue an amusement park because the mirror hurt their feelings. 

The point is, it’s easy for a mirror to show a distorted image. It just needs to be shaped a little... and you can look however you want. 

Maybe you have seen a picture of yourself and thought, “That’s what I actually look like?” Many weight loss stories I’ve read started out something like…

“I couldn’t stand how I looked in the mirror…”

That's why I don't like the advice to “look into every mirror.” Because just like mirrors can reflect a distorted image physically, there are "mirrors" that we see a distorted image spiritually. 

A key to spiritually seeing and hearing correctly is using a mirror that reflects truth. So you can see what is really happening in your life and in the life of others. 

We live in a world that is like a humongous house of mirrors. Everywhere you look, you are shown an image of how others think you should look like and live. 

A good example of this today is with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, to name a few. Whether people realize it or not, they are being shaped by a mirror. Something they are looking at is showing an image. They see what these so-called "influencers" post, and think it's a picture of reality. But it's marketing. It's a false narrative. It's not real. 

It’s an epidemic. Many people stare longingly at these deformed mirrors showing a distorted image. But they receive it as truth. And they allow it to shape their lives. 

It ought not to be for you. 

Whether you live for God or not, whether you hear His voice or not, depends largely on the image you see and follow.

When you subscribe to my list, I’ll send you a weekly newsletter with image from the Word of God, the true mirror. You’ll see a whole new image of yourself and Christ when the mirror you’re looking into is reflecting the truth. 

The more clearly you see Christ, the more clearly you will see and hear the voice of God.

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