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If I could choose only three words to describe you they are:

Christian Business Owner.


A Kingdom Entrepreneur. 

But only one word describes your pain, it's TRAPPED.

Whether every day feels like you are…

  • About to burst with the overbearing weight of business “to-do’s”...
  • Trapped by the lack of real profit flowing into the business (and into your pocket)...
  • A casualty of your own success...
  • On the slow track to achieve what God put on the inside of you...
  • Or maybe something in between...

Any way you look at it, you feel TRAPPED

By reading this right now, I know you're ready to BREAK FREE. You're ready to ​​push your business and life to another level.

Imagine finally living life the way God has shown you is possible...

  • Your business and finances are growing almost automatically.
  • You've got family time with your kids again.
  • You're following God's plan and purpose for your life.

To put it bluntly...

YOU are in control of your life. Not your business dictating every decision. Not your employees or the government running you ragged. YOU.

 It's called... Freedom. 

Using The "Keys To The Kingdom"...

The perfect blend of Messiah and Marketing is wisely using the "keys to the kingdom." By mixing faith in Christ and sizzling direct marketing and copywriting, you can unleash heavenly results in your business. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a complete newbie to all things copywriting...I've got good news for you…

  • God wants you to profit (Isaiah 48:17).
  • He loves it when His people prosper (Psalm 35:27).

Right this very's time to start your BREAKTHROUGH.

It's time to crank up your marketing through a very simple process. And watch your financial AND spiritual freedom explode.

It's time right now for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to reach the level of success God put in your heart.

You Are In The Right Place...

You've heard stories of when people were in the right place at the right moment when something extraordinary happens in their life. This is the right place and right time for you.

This is the arena of liberty...

An arena to unleash the perfect blend of Messiah and Marketing in your business and life.

Maybe you need to:

  • Boost the amount of leads through online or offline direct marketing
  • Explode your sales through online ads, email marketing or offline direct mail
  • Escalate customer engagement, referrals and maximize lifetime value for your business.
  • Start building your own marketing system. And stop Random Acts of Marketing forever.

It’s possible to BREAKTHROUGH to a greater level of freedom and profit than you’ve experienced so far. No matter where you are in your can go higher.

My Mission Is... Proclaim, Publish, Ignite and Unleash FREEDOM in My Generation and Beyond.

I want to help you. Together we will walk in a greater level of freedom in every way. And fulfill the mission God has for you. Your mission could be...

  • Growing your business to take care of your family.
  • Funding the Gospel.
  • To eventually go and preach yourself.
  • Something else entirely.

The EXCITING thing is...

...the perfect blend of Messiah and Marketing will produce results in your life.

 The Fire Ignited In My Heart...

When I was 15 years old, Jesus ignited my heart for Him on a missions trip. I encountered a living, loving God. My life has never been the same since.  

At the same time, my family lit the fire for business in me. All through school, I worked hard. I mowed lawns, shoveled snow, and raising livestock. Plus, both of my grandpa's had their own business. So the passion to have my own business burned.

Which is why I started this business. I mixed my love for Jesus with my love for business, marketing and help you...

...for His Kingdom for His purpose.  

 How I Can Help You...

Right now, I am accepting applications for a limited number of clients. I don't work with everyone or take every job to make money. Sometimes, it's not the right fit.

You and your business are valuable.

Not to be treated like a paycheck by a piecemeal worker who gives you piecemeal work. They don't have any consideration for your vision.

It's time you had someone focus on you and your business with a vested interest for your success.

If you want a "partner" in growing your business and what I've said makes sense to you, then click on the button below. You don't have to fight this battle alone. I look for people I can stand beside and help explode their business for the Kingdom of God. Like Aaron and Hur lifted up Moses' hands during battle you need someone standing beside you. 

It's time for your business' trajectory to break out of the rut. Now is the time to set your life on the path God has for you.

 Today Is The Day Of Salvation... Here's What You Do...

Your BREAKTHROUGH starts by taking one very simple step this minute...

Click on the button below and enter your best email address. I'll send you the FREE report, 11 Copywriting Blunders Killing Your Response And Keeping You From Living Your Dreams.

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