Just a few minutes ago, I was watching a hilarious scene from the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective starring Jim Carrey. If you haven’t seen it, the comedian Jim Carrey plays a “pet detective” whose job is to search for missing pets because he doesn’t “do people.” After Snowflake, the dolphin mascot for the Miami Dolphins, goes [ read more…]

I recently wrote about the alien invasion that happened in Peru. A news story I saw just a few hours ago described how the entire “alien invasion” in the jungle of Peru…… was a massive hoax. The police reported finding illegal miners using jet-packs wearing silver-colored suits to scare people away. Apparently some of the locals were [ read more…]

Faster than a speeding bullet. It’s one of Superman’s most advertised superhuman powers. As I’m writing this and thinking about it, I think one of his most amazing superhuman powers is one people don’t realize. As a man with a wife, I know… this is absolutely a superpower. That is…… Superman’s ability to change clothes in [ read more…]